The inception date of business – 1989

Business owner

Carel Scheepers

BA (HED postgraduate)


National Airways Corporation /  Randfontein Gold Mines / SAB Breweries Rosslyn Pretoria/ Saphire Blue Helicopter Services / Dry Ice International /National Sea Rescue Institute / Sun City Waterworld / Forever Resorts / Millennium Body Guards / SA Olympic Rowing team / Starboard Stand Up Paddling inflatable boards / Central Gauteng Fly Fishing Union / Intex Inflatable Products / Ceres Fruit Juices Ladysmith Fire Brigade /Advertising inflatables / Dot Square Advertising & Promotional inflatables /Blyde River Canyon Lodge / Sediba Kwêle Adventure Camp /Ark Inflatables / Aquarius Inflatables / AquaStrike / Behind-the-Boat / Caesar Inflatables / Crusader Inflatables / Dot Square Promotional inflatables / Dux Inflatables / FOR-Sport Inflatables / Gemini Evo Inflatables / Gemini Econo Inflatables / Gladiator Inflatables / Hang Ten Inflatables / Falcon Inflatables / FOR Sport /Impact Inflatables / Infanta Inflatables / Intex Inflatable Products / Maverick Inflatables / Makoribs Inflatables / Neptune Inflatables  / Poseidon Inflatables / ProDuck Inflatables /Prestige Inflatables/Rhino Inflatables / Starboard – SUP – Stand Up Paddle Boards/ Stealth Inflatables /Stingray Inflatables / Superduck Inflatables / Viper Inflatables / Wildcat Inflatable

We started in 1989 as a one-man “sideline business”, repairing inflatable boats.

The business has since then evolved into a multi-product

  1. Development,
  2. Manufacturing,
  3. Repairs &
  4. Maintenance enterprise, with diverse customers all over Africa & the Indian Ocean islands
    • 5-year guarantee on manufactured goods
    • 6 months guarantee on repaired goods
We offer solutions to a diverse range of industries from:
  • Service & repair of National Airways Corporation’s firefighting water buckets
  • Service & repair of National Airways Corporation’s portable fuel bladders
  • Stope vent control air plugs & barriers
  • Inflatable plugs for open cast drilling holes explosives emulsions
  • Alluvial diamond dredger barges PONTOONS
  • Marble & Granite Quarry Air pressure bench throwing bags
  • Load testing water or sand-filled bags & bladders (testing passenger lifts, etc)
  • Marine Salvage underwater air lifting bags of various shapes & capacities
  • Airlifting bags/jacks to lift vehicles of various shapes & capacities
  • Plugs (Inflatable) for municipal drainage pipes, when effluent run-off water needs to be sealed off for maintenance & repairs on the pipeline/culvert – all dimensions . . . compressor compatible
  • Inflatable booms for rivers & dams
  • Inflatable Dunnage Bags to secure goods & prevent them from shifting in transit
  • Low-pressure industrial gas accumulator (eg. CO²)
  • Biogas bladder accumulator
  • Repair of inflatable advertising props for Ceres Fruit Juice Company & selected KFC franchises
  • Inflatable advertising billboards
  • Buoy in the dam to advertise customer’s brand & products, during a boat race or a swimming event
  • Truck Tarpaulin Tautliner Curtains/covers – REPAIRS ON INSIDE WITHOUT ANY DAMAGE TO ARTWORK ON OUTSIDE
  • Water bladders made to a specific order
  • Glider aircraft water wing ballast bladders . . . REMANUFACTURING
  • Bicycle washing bay for bicycle sporting events – portable & inflatable
  • Jetty fenders – inflatable & armored with a layer of PVC flooring. Fenders protect the hull & pontoons of the boat from getting damaged on the wooden or metal jetty
  • Gymnastic inflatable backflip trainer rollers
  • Repair damaged fiberglass surfaces / boats / canoes / paddle skis
  • Replace rotten boat transom
  • Fit keel strips on boats
Leisure Water Sport
  • Inflatable boat repairs& manufacturing of new semi-rigid/RIB pontoons
  • Repairs on leaking seams / punctures / gashes / cuts / valve replacements
  • Floorboard replacements
  • Also soft plastic boats such as SeaHawk, Mariner IV, Intex, Bestway, etc
  • Tubes & towable repairs on Connelly, Airhead, Sport stuff
  • Jet ski fishing inflatable buoyancy pontoons
  • Pontoons add 300kg of added buoyancy – making it possible to STAND UP & “play the fish” anywhere on the jet ski deck
  • Pontoons slide off like caravan tent within 1 minute to convert back into “sports configuration”
  • Pontoons are slide on & are inflated within 5 minutes for the stable fishing platform (or for older folks, wife & kids, stability outriggers)
  • Repairs & service of inflatable water sport towable mattresses for leisure boating
  • SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) repairs of seams, because overinflating while basking in the sunlight
  • BLOB – Human catapult bladders
  • Water ballast bladders to increase the draft of a boat hull, for improved wakeboarding waves
  • Air buoyancy bags to increase flotation of canoes & yachts (prevent sinking)
  • Flotation aids to train swimmers
Specimen Angling
  • Inflatable boat repairs& manufacturing of new semi-rigid/RIB pontoons
  • Repairs on leaking seams / punctures / gashes / cuts / valve replacements
  • Floorboard replacements
  • Bow bags
  • Pontoons benches, with stowage bags slung under seats . . . seats, are attached to pontoons with velcro & can be positioned anywhere on the pontoons
  • Bow transoms for electric motors
  • Transom replacement/reinstallation/transom attachment turnbuckle brackets to support weigh of outboard on the transom . . . prevent transom from pulling loose from pontoons
  • We manufacture replacement kick boat pontoons for existing frames & seats
  • Float tube – All type of repairs on the internal inflatable bladder
Leisure Outdoors
  • Camping mattress repairs – valve replacements / split seams repairs i.e. Intex, Coleman, & all other brands (cannot repair canvass tent fabric, type of mattresses)
  • Jacuzzi inflatables . . rat has eaten holes/cuts / new valves (do not work on electric pumps)
  • SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) repairs of seams, caused by over inflation, while basking in the sunlight
  • Jumping castle & inflatable slide repairs . . . cuts & leaking seams are welded & glued
  • Paintball bunker refurbishing, repairs & manufacturing
  • Caravan inflatable roof lifters
Design & Manufacture Of Prototypes & Novel Solutions