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About Us

Inflatable Boat Repairs CC,

is a dedicated specialist repair facility for MOST INFLATABLE PRODUCTS, and in particular, any brands of inflatable boats. All staff members boast of many years of experience in the repair industry and they have been extensively trained on all the types of materials in the industry; local as well as abroad. Since our inception in 1989 we have become the repair facility of choice in the Gauteng area, as well as many countries to the North of RSA.

After months of R&D we have perfected repairs on soft inflatable plastic products, such as:

  • Camping matrasses – Intex, Coleman, Sevylor etc
  • Tubes towed behind boat – O’Brien, Connely, Sporsstuff etc
  • Plastic water toys
  • Plastic swimming pools
  • Scuba Buoyancy compensator - internal bladders
  • Inner bladders - of Nylon covered bass/trout fishing kick boats / float tubes
  • Inner plastic bladders of inflatable medical equipment such as inflatable splints

 Our customers include:

  • Many boat shops in the Gauteng area
  • Most of the insurance companies
  • The SANDF    Defence Force
  • NSRI  National Sea Rescue Institute
  • SAPS Water Wing
  • Dept of Water Affairs
  • National Parks Board
  • Fire Brigade of Pretoria
  • Many professional Dive Charter Companies

We are able to do repairs on any brand of boat including

Achilles, Adapt, Apollo, Ark, Aquarius, Avon, Bombard, Buccaneer, Ceasar, Crusader,
Dux, Falcon, Feral, FOR Sport , Gemini Evo, Gemini Econo, Gemini Natal, Gladiator,
Impact, Infanta, Lodestar, Mako, Manta, Metzeler, Maverick, Neptune, Poseidon,
Prestige, ProDuck, Quicksilver, Rhino, Sovereign, Stingray, Superduck,
Uncle Banana, Zodiac

Our services include the repairs of most pliable rubber & PVC materials
We have also designed & developed many “one-off” prototypes for numerous industrial customers

We pride ourselves in the fact that we can offer a comprehensive 6 months guarantee on all our repairs, and that our turn around time is applauded by all of our satisfied customers.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. We have a minimum service charge of R350

  2. Customers are granted 5 [FIVE] working days (Saturdays included) to collect their boats as soon as they have been repaired. ( YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED BY PHONE.) FROM THE 6TH WORKING DAY STORAGE FEES WILL BE LEVIED/ACCRUED AGAINST YOUR BOAT AT THE FOLLOWING RATE:
    • Week 1: R100-oo per day
    • Week 2: R200-oo per day
    • Week 3: R500-oo per day
    • Week 4: R1000-oo per day
    • After 30 days the boat will be sold ( see point 5 below )

  3. Should the customer decline the quote, he will be granted 24 hours to remove his boat from our premises, lest a R200 per day storage fee will come into effect.

  4. Although every possible precaution is taken by the management of the CC to safeguard the property of the boat owner, the management wishes to indemnify themselves, their employees & the Inflatable Boat Repairs CC against any judicial action which may stem from loss, damage, theft, loss of income, etc. whilst the boat is in the custody of Inflatable Boat Repairs CC. Members of Inflatable Boat Repairs CC & their employees shall be not be liable to any customer of Inflatable Boat Repairs CC for personal injury to or death of any person or the loss of or damage to any property of whatever nature belonging to the customer, how so ever arising or caused, and whether by reason of the default or negligence of any of the set parties or persons or otherwise.

  5. The management & the Inflatable Boat Repairs CC also wishes to indemnify themselves against the failure of any repairs done by the CC 's artisans and which may have resulted in loss of life , injury to person , hospitalisation, loss of property, loss of income, or which may result in a law suit being initiated against the members of the Inflatable Boat Repairs CC & the Inflatable Boat Repairs CC itself. Should any of the repairs fail  within 3 ( three ) months of the undertaking of repairs, the owner is invited to return the boat ( AT HIS OWN EXPENSE ) to the workshop of Inflatable Boat Repairs CC where the the “failed repair” will be serviced free of charge.

  6. NO CREDIT WILL BE EXTENDED TO ANY CUSTOMER. The boat will be impounded until the owner can settle the debt incurred, for repairs to the boat. If the boat is not collected within 30 days of notification of completion of repairs, the boat will be auctioned to defer costs. Likewise, any debts that have not been settled within 30 days of notification of completion of repairs, the boat will also be auctioned to recoup losses, that we have incurred. Any costs incurred, such as lawyer fees, administrative fees, auctioneers commission, advertising costs, etc. will be in addition, for the boat owners' account.

  7. Consent is hereby given to the attorneys of Inflatable Boat Repairs CC to an Emoluments Attachment Order should the client default on the payment, of this job card’s  repairs invoice

  8. We reserve the right to insist on settlement in cash, on completion of repairs & to refuse any other form of payment. A comprehensive receipt will be issued at all times.


We do Repairs

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